– repetition, hypnosis and ritual. A group show curated by Paul Purgas.



With support of

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Recurrence explores the application of repetitive, hypnotic and ritualistic processes within contemporary art and experimental media based practice, examining the relationship between technological systems and investigations of the primordial, immersive and transcendental. The work of the contributing artists demonstrate an interest in form and structure within loop based systems as a primary mode of affective communication, exposing destabilising experiential aesthetics and initiating new modes of perception.

The exhibition includes work on 16mm film as well as video, sound, text and performance, addressing areas that include internet art, experimental electronic music, artists' moving image and the relationship between old and new media.

Contributing artists include:
Rose Kallal
Yoshi Sodeoka
Peder Mannerfelt
Damien Roach
Tom Richards
Tanya Byrne

Curated by Paul Purgas

Performances by Peder Mannerfelt and Tanya Byrne will take place on the night of the preview from 8.30 pm.

With support of CuratorLab / Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design.

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